Post Production: House of Parliament

Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker

Director: Sam Brown

Set in a magical woodland world, the ad features a series of adorable hyperreal, animated creatures who take viewers on a journey through an enchanting and heart-warming story.

The depiction is of a hen and rabbit who give birth to an adorable young rabbit, who inherits the unorthodox ability to lay colourful easter eggs.

The rabbit has trouble fitting in with his fellow creature contemporaries who make fun of his unusual ability. Feeling dejected, he runs away to the human city in the distance, leaving his worried parents behind with nothing more than a newly laid easter egg on his bed.

He is soon picked up by a young girl and made famous in the human world, making headlines with the uniqueness that had previously left him feeling isolated. However, before long, he begins to miss his parents and his old world, leading him back to his family and providing the viewer with a fairytale, perfect ending.



2D Lead Artist