Post Production: The Mill

Agency: 180 Kingsday

Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Adam Berg

Using incredible CG transitions, this spot transports us between different video games, we begin in the real world before being propelled into multiple fantasy worlds. Moving seamlessly through the environments of Spiderman, FIFA, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty and Fortnite, this spot takes the viewer on an adventure which shows that the most important part of gaming is the experience of the player.
VFX Supervisor Ed Shires explains ‘Right from the first it was clear that this was going to be an exciting project and we didn’t want to put any boundaries on Adam’s vision. The goal was to create a representation of how it feels to be in game, not how to play it; an explosion of distinct realities side by side, interconnected. A wide spectrum of Visual Effects were to play a major role in executing this narrative pathway through the commercial with no single asset or task the focus of the work, but instead a full quiver of skills required. The team worked tirelessly on this and we’re very proud to be part of this project.’
A very wide range of techniques and softwares were used to create each individual world in this spot, and 2D Lead Artist Gianluca Di Marco elaborates on those used in two of these: ‘A lot of work went into the two wide shots for Call of Duty. The location gave us a good base to work on, we have used a mix of techniques to emphasize the destruction. Matte paintings were painted for the background set extensions and to add damage on the real buildings. A lot of layers of smoke and fire helped to create more depth in the shot. CgG also rendered digi double soldiers and helicopters to add more realism to the shot
For the Red Dead Redemption world, we didn’t want to implement any limitations when shooting which might obstruct the overall vision, we therefore filmed a lots of shots with real smoke. This made our work a bit more challenging but equally helped the overall look of the film.’



2D Lead – 2D Shoot Supervisor