Post Production: The Mill

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Production Company: Riff Raff

Director: Francois Rousselet

To help promote Angry Birds 2, Wieden+Kennedy recruited director Francois Rousselet and The Mill’s expert VFX team to create a big, fun, over-the-top live action film.

Set on Piggy Island, the film transports viewers to a luxurious and delightfully surreal paradise; where happy pigs frolic in the sunshine and swim in crystal clear waters. But Piggy Island is soon revealed to be the setting of an attack by a furious squad of Angry Birds, who have been plotting to take their revenge on their archenemy, the sneaky, flightless egg-thieving creatures who share the island with them. The film imagines a real-world adaptation of the game’s narrative, weaving fantastic imagery into the familiar world of Angry Birds.

The film was shot in the lush real-life surroundings of Pig Island, also known as the “Home of the Swimming Pigs” or Big Major Cay, in the Bahamas, known for its unique inhabitants: a group of swimming wild pigs. The Mill’s team, led by Adam Droy, then aided in bringing the action of this spot to life by creating a host of CG pigs, palm trees, clouds, oceans and explosions.



2D Nuke Artist